Calling in the Goddess Practice

Having a hard time getting to the mat? Brain confused with tales of subterfuge and lies and the 1%? This is a 24-minute practice beginning in tadasana may help you get moving and bring in the orishas, deities, and the inner divine! To ground and center you before moving out into your busy day or longer practice.

Wise Yoga

This practice can be done in sections or as a 67+ minute session. Each section can be done on its own and used as an entry into further self exploration. It was created for women in peri-menopause/menopause and for pre-menses times but is suitable for a wide range of practitioner of any age or gender or in any type of transition, and who needs a little reminder to calm, ground and find their skeleton power!

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Cricket Savasana

A simple, guided savasana that includes gentle muscle release and breath work. Accompanied by crickets and frogs on a warm Mendocino midsummer evening. Suitable for everyone, could be used after any practice including Freedom and Balance Vinyasa. 18 minutes

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