Payments for local classes/workshops

Unless otherwise noted, mail checks to MPaffard, POB 225 Yorkville CA 95494.
Take advantage of early-bird pricing and mail checks for advance registration! Where minimum class size is noted, be sure to contact me if you need to bring check to first class or if you're dropping in. Register directly with Yoga On Center, Cloverdale.

Cloverdale - Yoga on Center

105 E. First Street, Cloverdale

I am currently teaching three classes per week. You need to purchase a monthly pass for classes or register for workshops online with Yoga on Center to attend. In the future, we may make the advanced class a series only so please see updates in the New Year.   


Thursdays 7.30-8.30 am

Active Vinyasa   This one hour class begins with a simple opening sequence for hips, shoulders and spine and leads into cycles of more dynamic and creative vinyasa flow. We include one inversion, followed by a short cool-down and resting period. An optional 10-15 minute meditation or longer relaxation period occurs from 8.30-8.45am. Not suitable for total beginners or those with wrist, back or shoulder issues.

Basic Yoga

Thursdays 9-10 am



Mondays 5.30-7pm

Basic Yoga   Time to become familiar with foundational yoga principles in a class which touches all the bases and is enjoyable for a wide range of practitioner from beginner to continuing student, even advanced students who want a gentler pace!  Each week we begin with supine poses and breath-work which leads into simple seated and standing poses.  We end with a guided/silent relaxation.  Individual attention is given to alignment and learning sequences/poses that enhance range of motion, decrease stress and both refresh and relax ones whole being.

This Monday class is an active asana class which will begin and end with a short meditation. It will explore all aspects of a fully balanced practice:  Standing Poses, Vinyasa, Seated and Supine Poses, Inversions, Backbends and Twists. Each month we will end one class with some restorative poses. Options will be given to those not inverting or doing some of the more challenging poses but this is not a beginners class. It is suited to those who have a home practice, are teachers, or who want to be challenged and have no serious back/shoulder/neck problems. Each week we will have a theme and there will be poetry, imagery and breath-work to integrate the asana and allow us to leave revitalized, serene and ready for anything!

NOTE:  February 19 Monday,  4-5pm  Free Community Yoga in Spanish/Bilingual  - Please encourage anyone who speaks Spanish and who would like an introduction to Yoga.   This may become a monthly event or if we can get support/donations, a weekly event.   All welcome, Latino or not!

ALSO:  February 19 Monday  Restorative Yoga 5.30-7pm   During the advanced class time slot we will practice seriously advanced yoga!   Bring 2 bed pillows and comfortable clothing.  Suitable for all practitioners, this practice focuses on releasing and relaxing the body be resting in longer supported poses.   An intro with gentle stretching will guide us into the passive poses and a quiet, peaceful rejuvenating practice.   Use your class pass for this session or do a drop-in.  All welcome.

Boonville - Studio Sobo

14275 California Hwy. 128 | Boonville, CA

Tuesday Tune-Up!

8 - 9am Vinyasa
7.30am Optional meditation and breath work 

Energizing vinyasa practice to help your week along! Optional 7.30-8am begins with relaxing breath work which leads naturally into a short meditation. 8-9am asana practice starts with hip and shoulder openers and prepares the body for active vinyasa that combine standing poses and dog, up dog flow sequences. We end with an inversion (optional!) and a cool down with a final relaxation.

2018 : 1/9 - 3/20  10 classes (one week off in Feb TBC)  This series is happening!  Please join us
Sliding Scale Fee: 100.00-200.00/series,  drop-in 15.00-20.00  NO CLASS 2/27

Workshops:   Namaste - Hands and Gesture in Asana  2/24  10.15 - 1.30pm   and  Those Pesky Hamstrings (and Hips) 3/24  10.15 - 1.30pm   Sign up online.  Click titles for more info on each workshop.

Please Note:  Advanced Series, beginning 1/16,  is postponed.  Contact Mary if interested in the future of these occasional series.  

Ukiah - Yoga Mendocino or Yomo!

206A Mason Street | Ukiah CA

No classes planned at this time.