Payments for local classes/workshops

Unless otherwise noted, mail checks to MPaffard, POB 225 Yorkville CA 95494.
Take advantage of early-bird pricing and mail checks for advance registration!
Where minimum class size is noted, be sure to contact me if you need to bring check to first class or if you're dropping in.

Cloverdale - Evolve Studio

124 S. Cloverdale Blvd., Suite 134 (second floor) | Cloverdale CA


Thursdays 7.30-8.30 am

Active Vinyasa Practice. A joyful, energizing practice that restores the spirit and sets the tone to the day using flowing standing poses and sun salutes. A great way to dive into active practice. Optional Meditation 8.30-8.45am.   

Basic Yoga

Thursdays 9-10 am

Includes stretching, strengthening, breath-work and relaxation and all the benefits of a holistic yoga practice but without the sun salutes! Suited to those who need modifications, beginners, or those getting back into yoga.

5 week series 8/3-31  $60/65 after 7/27.  If your attendance is sporadic, please do drop-in, $15 per class.   Mary is away 9/5-25 and Fall series may begin 9/27.   Check this space for updates. 
Make checks payable to Mary Paffard  and send to
PO Box 225 Yorkville CA 95494    


Boonville - Studio Sobo

14275 California Hwy. 128 | Boonville, C

Tuesday Tune-Up!

8 - 9am Vinyasa
7.30am Optional meditation and breath work 



Light in the Dark Sangha

awaiting Fall!


Energizing vinyasa practice to help your week along!  Optional 7.30-8am begins with relaxing breath work which leads naturally into a short meditation.  8-9am asana practice starts with hip and shoulder openers and prepares the body for active vinyasa that combine standing poses and dog, up dog flow sequences.  We end with an inversion (optional!) and a cool down with a final relaxation.

Tuesday Tune Up - August Series:  8/1 - 8/29  50 - 80 sliding scale.  Please consider paying the full series even if you will miss one or 2 as this allows the class to be sustained.   Drop-ins $15     Jeanne Eliades will teach 8/15 class for Mary.    

Note:  KZYX Radio Interview on August 15 with Karin Uphoff  - 1pm

Please note, Mary will be away most of September after the Labor Day 3 day Intensive, 9/1-3  

August 19, Saturday - 10 - 1pm    WORKSHOP  Finding your Feet in the Heat!  A workshop suitable for a wide variety of levels, which will focus on feet, bones and breath and include a wide variety of active and passive yoga.   By bringing your attention into the feet, you enable a sense of grounding and cooling which in these strange times we need in body, mind and spirit!   Handouts included.    $30-55  Sliding scale.  If you register after August 1, fee is $50 - 70 .   No refunds 2 weeks prior, all refunds subject to 20% admins fee.  Note: This workshop was moved from July 22 due to local request

We have let the Friday Meditation Sangha go for now as folks are busy with other things and the local Indivisible group is helping focus activism in the Valley, go to AVPAC for more information .  

In the autumn, if sufficient interest exist, we may have a meditation series running through October/November - Fridays or Mondays late afternoon/evening depending on interest and availability. This six week course will be both an introduction and helpful for current meditators and will include specific themes and support material. Important to let us know if this is of interest. After the six weeks, we could then meet once a month with the meditation focus and weave interesting local activism into the discussion and checkin time.   

Advanced Series - Inside Out and Upside Down!   Oct 3-31 -  Tuesdays 1.15-3.30pm  Special workshop series on Inversions.     For more Info


SoBo Workshops

Ukiah - Yoga Mendocino or Yomo!

206A Mason Street | Ukiah CA


Yomo Workshops