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Yoga Buddhism Ecology - Love of the Earth!

  • Studio Sobo 14275 Highway 128 Boonville, CA 95415 USA (map)

A series of four yoga workshops that will support enquiry into different questions that seek to expand ones definition of “body” to include the whole universe! Each session will include a long morning active asana class (10am - 1pm), suitable for a wide range of students from teacher to keen practitioner, and following a lunch break, a quieter class 2-4pm with poetry and imagery to support deep reflection on the questions below, along with silence and quiet to restore and balance our whole being. The final 30 minutes will invite discussion and a closing heart based meditation (optional).

For those attending the entire series, there is online support material with audios and article and the chance to cultivate sangha with the rest of the group during the month. Totally optional as regards participation in this online part and is included in cost of course. No online material for drop-in participation, so if you can only make two or three of series and want to be part of the discussion, sign up for the whole course. We will be using Norman Fischer’s new book “The World Could be Otherwise - Imagination and the Bodhisattva Path”, along with Radical Happiness by Lynne Segal and much juicy eco ruminations and inspirations for those that wish.

What is Love? 10/13 TBC
- Buddhist Perspective on Love - The 4 Brahma Viharas - Heart Meditations
- Asana as an act of kindness for all! Generosity as a motivating force
- Focus on Hands, Hasta Bandha, Handstand (Options given to those not inverting)
- Love of the Earth from the poets and indigenous elders - Joy as a collective force

What is Natural? 11/10 TBC
- Taking Refuge in Dharma - Nature as Inspiration to practice - Generosity of Being
- Natural Posture - Evolutionary Asana - Balancing on the Bones
- Focus on Sacrum, Natural Breath, Vrksasana and Balance
- Resolving our sense of separation from the natural world - Honoring the Land

What is Enough? 12/8 TBC
- The Middle Way - Dukkha and Desire
- Third Chakra Conundrums! - Good Enough Asana - Moving from Deep Belly
- Focus on Back Body, Twists, Sustaining Poses and Process
- Waste and Simple Living Inspirations

What is Diversity? 1/12 TBC
- Celebrating Sangha and Inclusivity - Spiritual By-Passing and Cul de Sacs
- Opening the perceptual field of asana; Fluid Practice - cultivating confluence internally/externally
- Focus on Eyes, Elbow Balance/Picca Mayurasana (Options given to those not inverting)
- Intuition in resolving our eco issues and “seed” diversity
- Imagination - where can it take us in practice and life?

Fee: Early Bird 240.00 by 8/1/2019, 260.00 thereafter (includes online material).
Or 80.00/session (no online material and dependent on space availability).
If you pay by check before 8/1, fee is $220. Yoga for All, PO Box 225 Yorkville CA 95494

Afternoons only - which include a quieter, gentler practice, meditation and reflection and online material - may be available to those who are not interested in a long active am practice. Fee: 150 for 4 part series from 2-4pm each session - It is not possible to drop-in and this partial registration is only available if the course has its minimum full time commitment. If interested check in after 8/1/19.

Register Online for full 4 part series