OMGoddess! Bowl of Well Being

"As a professional yoga teacher and continual student, this program crystalized how the practice of yoga includes every aspect of life and culture. It gave great insight into how yoga and ayurveda support a deep state of wellbeing in all stages of a woman's life."
-Djuna Mascall, Orcas Island - Yoga teacher and Teacher trainer

 "Bowl of Well Being" toca el corazón. Me pregunto "¿Qué es saludable?" Este curso de Mary y Cyd es una poderosa y profunda guía e inspiración para explorar esta pregunta, y también para cultivar y honrar la suavidad, el amor, en todos los aspectos de la vida.
"Bowl of Well Being" touches the heart. I asked myself  "What is well-being?"  This course from Mary and Cyd is a powerful and deep guide to health, and an inspiration, to explore this question, and also to cultivate and honor softness, love, in every aspect of life.”

-Eva Blázquez, Spain – Yoga teacher,  Technology Specialist

Bowl of Well-Being is an educational forum and sangha for women that goes through the cycles of the year from Jan 1 - 12/31, annually, supporting the cycles and spirals of a woman’s life. Its overall intention is to cultivate health, creativity and sanity in a nutty world, through yoga, ayurveda, and buddhist practices with artistic and deity inspirations.

This year long program was created by Mary and Cyd (Mary’s daughter) and arose from a conversation between mother and daughter about taking care of the feminine in oneself, those around us and the entire planet. How wonderful it would be to be in conversation with a group of women of all ages, as diverse as possible, supporting each other’s inner and outer care!

The use of the word “Bowl” implies both an offering and a receiving, an openness to nourishment on multiple levels. The course is based around a manual which is the entry point into themes appropriate for all women, covering topics such as bone and hormone health, stress responses and heart empowerment, menarche thru menopause issues, and much more! Each month, and each chapter, a creative feminine muse is included from sculptors to rap artists, and inspiration is also drawn from a goddess presiding over the the themes of the month.

In Cyd and Mary’s online program, the manual information is expanded upon with extra articles, audio practices from Mary, selected dharma links, and multiple references/articles from sages young and old whom they both respect. The core online-based course also includes monthly conference calls, buddy checkins to keep everyone on track and broaden the discussion, and a platform to keep the discussion alive and share resources throughout the month. If you wish to participate in our 2020 program, go to ONLINE* page now.

In 2019 and in 2020, previous Bowlies - those who have completed the course with Mary and Cyd - are bringing this program in their own ways to their local areas. These Baby Bowl leaders have an agreement with Mary and Cyd to use the original Bowl curriculum and bring in whatever information they also wish to use in their unique circles of women. For those interested in attending a local course with onsite workshops, see our BABY BOWL* list.

For those wanting to take the course or are original Bowlies and wish to consider taking on their own group, please go to TEACHER* page.

Mary: “Essentially this program is about active women taking care of themselves; we do not want to encourage more “shoulds” and guilt for not doing enough when we are already fully stretched to our max. However, the feminine is rising and there is much evidence of this. Inspirations abound for those of us moving our practice more fully into taking care of the earth and our communities, families, friends and students…and our dear selves!”

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*BIOS and PICS of Cyd Bernstein, Mary Paffard and Gia Bedell


Bowl Course with Mary Paffard and Cyd Bernstein 2020

This online based course with Mary and Cyd will begin January 1, 2020
Our conference calls are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month at 11.30-1pm PST. They are recorded, however the key to these programs is the commitment to as much participation as possible.
Group size 10 minimum-20 maximum

Fee: Pre 11/1: $750; 850 if deposit paid after 11/1/19.
Previous Bowlies receive a discount - contact Mary directly if you wish to join us for another round! It’s always different - each group unique…. We need sangha and support for self and community care more than ever.
Optional Extra - A personal checkin with Mary or Cyd 4 times throughout the course. These phone checkins are on pre-arranged specific dates and are for 25 minutes long.
Fee payable with final payment check is $160/200 after 11/1.

To Register: $100 non refundable deposit payable online.
Remainder of fee due by 11/1/19, payable by check.

If you need to pay by credit card, email Mary and an invoice will be sent. There is a $30 fee for credit card payments. If you wish to pay by Pay Pal, contact Mary directly also.

Baby Bowls Evolving!
2019 and 2020

Several Bowlies have joined our 2019 group to review the material, enjoy the sangha and also to get ready to sharing this work in 2020 with their own local group of women. In 2019, there are also a few Bowlies, yoga teachers and health practitioners, who are going forth with this program, using the new manuals, some of the online material along with regular support from Mary. These teachers will incorporate their own material. Some of the yoga teachers may be offering actual onsite yoga classes/workshops in their locale as part of the year long program - each will present their own unique offering of the Bowl.
- If you would like to know of a possible local Bowl group in 2020, that you could participate in, see BABY BOWL* page
- If you too are feeling the call to support women in this way in whatever yoga/health related work that you do, please consider doing the full program this year so that you are able to present the Bowl next year in your own way and to your own tribe! See TEACHER* page also.