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The Poetry of Yoga - Body as Soul

  • Studio SoBo 14275 California Hwy. 128 Boonville (map)

The Poetry of Yoga: Body as Soul with Mary Paffard at SoBo Studio, Boonville, California 9/1-9/3/17      A Yoga intensive for Yoga Nutz! exploring the magic and mystery of breath and asana practice through the imaginative and the poetic.  If you truly believed that you did not live IN a body but your body was/is your soul, how would your yoga and life change?

Wine got drunk with us, not the other way.
The body developed out of us not we from it.
We are bees and our body is a honeycomb.
We made the body, cell by cell we made it.

Rumi (1207 – 1273)

“We do not have a soul, we are a soul”   This is not a line from Rumi!... but from a respected Dutch anatomist and embryologist, Jaap van der Waal, whose 40 year research on the evolution of the human being in utero has lead him to conclude that our whole society’s addiction to the significance of the brain and to genes completely undermines the reality of a soul living within every cell, every fibre of this process we call “body”.   We perform our body.   The brain does not develop until 6-7 weeks in utero and we are a continuously evolving performance, a soulful process, not a mere collision of genes, DNA and brain.   

Join Mary for 3 days of deep practice and enquiry using Jaap’s inspiration, her own embryonic evolution in yoga, and many many others in the poetic, scientific and art worlds to realize a practice that is soul-full.    Yoga is often these days defined as asana with a limited repertoire of poses that have little connection with the vast, rich history of the extraordinary art and science of Yoga. Each day we will explore a theme that naturally opens to the poetic in practice and to a much broader definition of what yoga is. Poetry and imagery will be woven into our time together to help us refresh our understanding of yoga and its potential to heal, open and inspire.  For specific themes and to register, see below....


Poetry ofYoga is a full 15 hours of Yoga; with a one hour lunch break each day.  This workshop has asana, pranayama and meditation with some optional supportive material and is recognised by Yoga Alliance as an official Further Education for teachers event.  It may also qualify for teacher training hours in some programs.   Certificates issued on request.
After our daily beginning meditation, we usually check-in and then dive into a long and nourishing active asana practice.  After the break, we continue into the more subtle practices of restorative yoga and our final meditation.  Each day is a complete unit in itself and although you are encouraged to sign up for the entire intensive, drop-ins are currently welcome at a $80 per day fee, or 150 for 2 days.      

Friday  11.30-2,  3 - 5.30pm Beginnings - How embryonic understanding effects our yoga practice.   From womb to walking!  Our focus will be in our watery story and the unfolding of our breath and belly, undoing old paradigms and opening to new possibilities….    

Saturday  10- 1,  2-4pm     Balancing Structure and Flow - cultivating a dialogue between the 2 sides of our dear brains that allow the inherent wisdom of being to emerge and inform our practice.   This session will begin with a focus on our bones, feet and the delights of both grounding - and for those who wish - inverting.

Sunday 10- 1,  2-4pm Diving into the Unknown - Taking Off!   What supports lightness and courage of heart?   This session will focus on the shoulders, arms, hands and heart and how we can bring the imagery of flight and delight into each breath, each movement, each cell and let our soul, not our brain, guide us!

Suitability and Content: This course is designed with the more dedicated student in mind. There will be a wide range of poses that will include more advanced backbends and daily inversions. Options will be given for those not doing these poses. If you are not a teacher or student with a home practice, please use your summer to get ready for what will be a fun and challenging 3 days! Not suitable for beginners or those with back problems. See afternoon only option for those with less experience or needing a gentle practice.   

Fee: Early Bird is sliding scale - $160 - 200 if paid in full by August 1,  $200 thereafter. Priority given to those signing up for the whole workshop however after August 1, it may be possible if space exists, to sign up for individual days for $80 per day or for just the afternoon sessions which are suitable for all practitioners, fee: $100. After August 1, no refunds under any circumstances. Prior to that time, refunds subject to 20% admins fee. Send checks to M.Paffard, PO Box 225 Yorkville, CA 95494 or pay online.  
Checks are preferred but if you wish to pay by credit card, contact Mary by email, and we will send you an invoice which you can pay online.  Please state the amount that you wish to pay if you are an early bird. Click here to buy online

Accommodation may be available - at a very special rate - locally for a group of out of towners in one of Anne Bennett’s lovely cottages at .   We will need between 2-8 out of towners to share the costs of this space and it is a few minutes drive or a bicycle ride to the studio.  Essential to let us know asap if you are interested in this option.   

Later Event: September 9
Taking Flight