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Roots and Shoots! - Teachers' Intensive and Presence Retreat at Gray Bear

  • Gray Bear Hohenwald, Tennessee United States (map)

March 26/27 – March 29   -  Roots and Shoots – Teaching/Advanced Practice Intensive

3/27 1pm -  3/29 11am

What is the source, root and intention of our yoga these days?   Which voices do we listen to, admire, are inspired by?   This 3 day intensive for teachers  and advanced practitioners will focus in the 1st Cakra and 5th Cakra -  freeing the throat/neck area, finding ground within the groundless by exploring the themes of authenticity and listening to what truly guides and supports our unique unfolding as practitioner and teacher.  We will explore foundational poses and movements to help re-connect to the earth and at the same time, look to the challenges of backbends , sarvangasasana and sirsasana to integrate our voice and expand our vision.   (Options given for those not practicing inversions or deeper backbends)   How can our inner self talk and our outer/teacher voice become integrated, supported and soaked in kindness?

 Participants are encouraged to arrive a day earlier on Thursday March 26th to allow time to settle and adjust to time/life changes.  Separate fee for this extra day and the final optional day at the end of the retreat.  

 March 29 – April 3    -  Roots and Shoots -  Presence in Yoga. 

3/29 5pm Early Dinner Intros and Gentle Yoga to   4/3 10am  

In the first part of this partially silent retreat, we will invite a letting go of the myths and stories that do not serve our overall yoga aspiration, cultivating inspiration through the natural world, and this exquisite setting to be present with the magic of now.   As we move deeper into our 5 days together, once we have left the luggage of “shoulds”, “ought to-bes”, and old irrelevant stories behind, we will bring the imagination, creativity and collective wisdoms to the places that wish to bloom and need support and encouragement.  In this retreat we also let go of the “teacher” voice, and allow ourselves to rest, re-discover with tenderness the freedoms and voices of our own sometimes neglected, always in need of rejuvenation -  body, cultivating kindness for all beings.   This retreat interweaves active and passive asana, pranayama, meditation, silence, mandala and plenty of time to rest in the hammocks and wander down to the waterfall, enjoy massage and either deep quiet or contemplative, supportive sangha.

April 3 – April 4   -  Roots and Shoots Option  

Optional Day to explore how we bring planetary consciousness to our yoga teaching and daily dialogue.    After participants leave following closing circle and brunch on Friday am, we will have time to rest, walk, hot-tub and sauna and massage.  We will then return from 3-5pm (with snacks!) for a discussion about climate and the necessity to embrace this conversation.  How do we take a step forward in our own lives, our yoga lives, our yoga teacher training lives?   What does it mean to see the body in a much, much bigger context, ie the body of the earth?   How can community help create engagement, joy and movement forward with these critical issues of our time and our grand-children’s and the planet’s time?   This will be a collective informal discussion/brainstorm for anyone from the retreat, locals and those that live on the Gray Bear land so we can inspire each other with the steps forward we can all take.   Mary will coordinate the afternoon and post early dinner discussion and will offer a meditation prior to bed and an early am active vinyasa practice.    Brunch/Breakfast will be served at 9 – departures after that time.   No fee for any of the discussion or yoga but there will be a separate fee for the accommodation and food.  

Please consider carpooling, bus-ing, train-ing, bicycling to get here. However you arrive you are welcome and if you are flying, consider paying a small offset fee or planting a tree!

More information and early bird registration available at soon!