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Sarvangasana - Pose of Contention with Richard Rosen and Mary

  • Nest Yoga Piedmont Ave Oakland 94610 United States (map)

Pose of Contention - Sarvangasana
NOTE: This workshop was originally scheduled for July 27

RR and MP have watched various fashions in the practice of shoulder stand in the 3 decades plus they have been teaching, along with scary critiques of safety hazards from different corners of mainstream yoga. However they continue to practice this pose and teach it because of its multiple benefits and integral place in a balanced asana practice. Although they are in complete agreement about many aspects of this pose, there is indeed plenty of room for differing opinions between them regarding support, overall intention, pacing and preparation. Following the popular previous joint venture: Bone of Contention workshop regarding the tailbone, join us for a day of active practice sessions, discussion, analysis and a few jokes at each others expense!

This workshop is for those practicing sarvangasana already, a pose that needs to be introduced in a regular class with a respected teacher. It is designed to include active preparatory practice, useful partner poses and assists and time to explore questions in a lively community of serious practitioners and teachers. These 4.5 hours are registered with Yoga Alliance as a Further Education course and may be particularly helpful for teachers who have experience in sarvangasana but have questions or concerns about bringing this pose more fully into their teaching process.

Includes 20 minute break, handouts and a completion certificate for CEUs for those registered with Yoga Alliance.

Options given for those not wishing to actually invert on the day of the workshop.

RR teaching  Sarvangasana

RR teaching