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The Bone of Contention - with Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard

  • Nest Yoga 3976 Piedmont Ave Oakland 94611 (map)

For those of you who know Richard and Mary, you will know that they tease each other endlessly about this particular bone, the tailbone or the cocyx. And yet even though their teaching styles are complementary, their approach to posture differs in some interesting ways and many times this is reflected through their instructions to this dear little bone - called the “little bone of happiness/ el huesito de alegria” in Cuba.

Join us for a full practice session and discussion time with these 2 seasoned teachers to see how their different perspectives can help illuminate what is your own balanced and integrated approach to asana and alignment.

It is helpful to have studied with either of these teachers and to have a regular home practice. Teachers are encourage to attend. It is essential that participant are curious about the alignment of the sacrum and cocyx and issues relating to “tucking the tail bone”, a mantra that neither of them use!

Fee and registration through workshop page. Please note this is at the new studio that took over from You and the Mat. Its location is just a door or 2 up from the old Piedmont Yoga studio, 3976 Piedmont Ave, Oakland.