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Late Summer Yoga Fun! Rooting 8/12 Rising 8/19 Folding 8/26

  • Yoga on Center 105 E First Street Cloverdale 95425 USA (map)

LATE SUMMER YOGA FUN! Rooting - Rising - Folding! is definitely happening....
Sundays 8.15am - 10.30am 8/12, 8/19 and 8/26  -  OPEN for DROP-INS - JUST SHOW UP!

A series of three workshops that can be taken individually or as a series to help you get back into your practice after a lazy summer and enjoy a full active practice session in good company with tips to help you keep your home practice going into the Fall. Not suitable for beginning students or those with serious back or shoulder issues. Options given to those not doing full inversions or more advanced backbends. Each session will include an easeful warmup, an active juicy central part, a body-delighting cool-down and a final relaxation and meditation!

Fee: $60 Early Bird if registered by 8/1  $70 thereafter;  $35 per session if space exists.  Minimum participants: 10 - Maximum 16.

ROOTING DOWN 8/12 Our emphasis will be on grounding and re-connecting with the earth using standing poses, fluid sun salutes, spiraling twists and supine and seated poses. A perfect practice to shake out the summer cobwebs, and find one's roots in yoga again in good company.  

RISING UP 8/19 This session will focus on gradually opening the heart and chest area and bringing the energy up from the earth to soar in the heavens. We will use the imagery of wings and lightness to free the whole spine and explore vinyasa, balance poses and inversions, backbends passive and active, and easeful breath-work. This session will create vitality and energy, and at the same time calm and coolness in our late summer days.  

FOLDING IN 8/26 For our final session we will open to flexion and diving deep into the pelvis and hip area. This session will bring a quality of introspection to our active practice and include all aspects of the practice from standing poses to inversions to backbends to restorative, cultivating a quieting of the mind-heart in each posture and with each breath.