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Upside Down Inside Out!

  • SoBo Studio 14275 Highway 128, Boonville CA 95415 USA (map)

Advanced Yoga Series focusing on Inversions

This workshop series is designed for the serious student and teacher in mind, but is open to anyone who wants to explore active challenging asana, including inverted and some back-bending poses.  Each session we will focus on specific areas and inversion/s and the intention is to bring delight and an exploratory perspective to these poses, while cultivating inner body awareness to support outer body movement.  The series is not about acrobatic prowess, but more about opening to the belly, central channel and an imaginative, balanced practice that informs every aspect of one’s life and being. 

Options will be given to those not inverting but you need to be able to participate in the preparations and take care of know your limits!

Specific Sessions:   These themes are proposed and subject to change depending on interest and ability of the group.
Oct 3 - Why Invert?!   Preliminaries and Cautions.   Hands, feet, arms, legs...Crawling and animal awareness, rooting down to support upward arising.   Handstand and variations of handstand
Oct 10 -  Heart and Shoulder Enquiry.   Awakening belly to find support for flight and upper body.   3rd Chakra issues.   Piccha or Pincha Mayurasana/Elbow Balance and partner work. 
Oct 17  -  Back Body Breath and Central Channel.    Working with the entire fluid spine and back body + core to cultivate ease in balance, calm in posture.   Headless Sirsasana/headstand - variations and moving towards full Sirsasana.
Oct 24  -  5th Chakra and Lalana Chakra.  Freeing neck and exploring Jalandhara Bandha. Moving into setubandhasana, active viparita karani and sarvangasana with ease.   
Oct 31  -   Review and Remski!.   There has been much discussion in Yoga circles ( see recent Mathew Remski articles) recently regarding the safety of inversions and whether it is of any value in a modern yoga class.  This final class will review where we have been, and consider ways of teaching and practicing that are appropriate and why we - as a sangha - find them a key ingredient in our personal practice.

These sessions are full asana practice sessions with a short meditation and checkin at the beginning.  There will be handouts in the form of manual/folder with relevant articles and info on our themes.   Checking in with fellow participants is encouraged but entirely optional, and there will be suggestions for practice between sessions.

To Register: $125/140 after 9/1. If space is available, $30 per session.  Fee includes manual/handouts and can be paid online or by sending check to M Paffard, PO 225, Yorkville CA 95494.   There are no refunds for this series after 9/1. Click here to buy online

MP:  "For a long time I have wanted to have a more advanced group and a continuous series of classes/workshops.   It appears that there is much confusion around inversions and they are such amazing poses, even the preparation for them if you are not in a position to do the whole pose.   I am currently evolving an information booklet/folder with my articles and others articles to help ebb the tide of distrust and confusion that recent mainstream yoga articles and teachers have created.  It would also just be fabulous to have a sangha for like minded practitioners to meet and practice together and re-invigorate our collective practices and inspirations."   



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