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BOWL - IN - ACTION - Conference Call June 25

Join us for a free conference call to discuss where we are at with our activism, our creativity, our taking care of self, planet, community.   For 3 years Cyd and I have lead an annual online program with women to support us all taking care of ourselves and supporting our students and communities with yoga, ayurveda, herbal education, artistic and goddess inspirations.   Women from these programs and any others of all genders! who would like to join this conversation are invited to  be on the conference call us 8 - 9.30am CA time June 25, 2017.  Contact Mary if you wish to be on the call and details will be sent to you. 

We will ponder what direction, what new shoots of creativity and action we want to bring into the world during this confusing time and use the group as a support system and collective inspiration.  

We may - if interest exists - proceed with an online group focused on maintaining self care and supporting creativity and action in the world.   Minimal online material in the form of inspiring dharma talks and meditations, inspirations from fellow activists and artists and enquiries into modern yoga teaching and practice.  How can our practice truly transform?

It may just be a call to touch base, find out what we are all up to in our yoga, and what is inspiring us and leading us out in this powerful and unsettling time but those of us who feel inclined wll begin this course in the Fall and it will continue into early summer 2018.  A wise and wonderful way to not feel alone, confused and keep ones intention alive and directed in the extraordinarily interesting challenges that life and modern yoga present. Aimed particularly at those who teach or see their path as their art and lens on life.