Wise Yoga

This practice can be done in sections or as a 67+ minute session. Each section can be done on its own and used as an entry into further self exploration. It was created for women in peri-menopause/menopause and for pre-menses times but is suitable for a wide range of practitioner of any age or gender or in any type of transition, and who needs a little reminder to calm, ground and find their skeleton power! 

Avoid inversions if you are not familiar with these poses and always check with a yoga professional if you have any questions as to suitability for your particular body and being.

Forgive the creaky deck and background noises of our Mendocino County life. The accompanying guide is intended to help you understand the sequence where verbal instructions are unfamiliar. These simple pin figures leave a lot to be desired artistically and anatomically but should help clarify some of the poses and transitions!

Download Guide