Calling in the Goddess Practice

Having a hard time getting to the mat? Brain confused with tales of subterfuge and lies and the 1%? This is a 24-minute practice beginning in tadasana may help you get moving and bring in the orishas, deities, and the inner divine! To ground and center you before moving out into your busy day or longer practice.

Freedom and Balance Vinyasa

Join Mary and Cyd on a creaky deck on an early June morning in Mendocino County for a series of standing and reclining poses and sun salutes. Active, energetic vinyasa practice focusing on freedom and balance in the groins and pelvis using a block. A one-hour practice designed for intermediate students, it can be used as a lead-in to inversions and backbends or followed by your own short silent savasana or the longer Cricket Savasana (18 minutes) podcast. Not suitable for beginners or those with back problems.

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