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Week One - Grounding - Lower Body and Feet

Article:  1. What is Yoga?
Recording: Practice 1 - Grounding-Lower Body-Tadasana
Practice Guide: Grounding
Mini History Article
The History of Yoga in Brief...


Week Two - Alignment and Fluidity of Spine

Article: Why Yoga?  Benefits
Recording: Practice 2 - Aligning and Spine
Practice Guide: Aligning
Breath Article


Week Three - Strength and Stamina - Core

Article: How and Who?  Styles, Core, Warrior Poses
Recording: Practice 3 - Strength Stamina Stability Core
Practice Guide: Strength and Core  -  Exploring Warrior Poses
Warrior 2 Article


Week Four - Release, Balance and Restore

Article: When and Where?  Release, Balance, Restore
Recording:  Practice 4 - Release, Balance, Restore
Practice Guide:  Release, Balance, Restore
Supta Badakonasana Guidelines