Abdomen Vinyasa

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mp_forward bend.jpg

Abdomen Vinyasa


Abdomen Vinyasa Practice, .mp3 audio download, ~55 minutes.

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Please read before using!

These vinyasa practices incorporate principles appropriate for all levels of practitioner from basic student to teacher. The poses used are basic and will reappear in this sequence so the practitioner can sense the power of working with different themes in familiar positions.

These series are not suitable for those with back problems or shoulder/wrist injuries although a skilled practitioner can use modifications in some circumstances. For those who are menstruating or who are pregnant there are more appropriate practices.

Please look at the handouts for each session before starting and see if these kinds of poses are what you need in the moment. Check with your healthcare practitioner before using the recordings if any medical concerns exist.

Vinyasa—or what some call flow practice—is usually a lively active practice for healthy bodies. If you are in good shape and a relative beginner, you may need another yoga book reference for some of the poses but the movements in themselves should not present a problem. My DVD, Sun Salute Simplified, breaks down some of the classic surya namasakar positions for those who wish to enjoy this wonderful fluid way to practice without causing problems in the joints and spine.

Always listen to the inner guru and err on the conservative side if in doubt. Remember—everything is always optional! This short series was recorded at an actual class series at Evolve Studio in Cloverdale California. My preference is to teach and to listen to recordings that occur in a live setting. Of course, this does create the odd bump or crackle, or as you will see in the Abdomen practice, the need to follow my early morning dyslexia with left and right. But the practice is a living, breathing—if imperfect—practice.

Many thanks to those who were willing to practice with me: Mel, Val, Colleen, Mike, Dave, Terri, Daniel, Anna, Sandy and Maria, and for letting these recordings go out into the universe! And to Evolve Studio and our early a.m. weekly vinyasa class. Most importantly, enjoy the practices as they are or let them lead into a longer practice or quieter meditation. And give me feedback if you feel so inclined.