Basic Guidelines Some simple suggestions for cultivating a balanced cycle in yoga for yourself and your students - updated 4/2019

Abhyanga Massage by Cyd Bernstein

Menopause - The Yoga Way by Ellen Sanders - Yoga Journal article from 1996

Women’s Resources - Books - Revised April 2019

Why Belly Work - MP article

Lost on a Linear Trajectory - MP article

Poems/readings 4/27/19

Interesting Links:
Knowing Your Cycle:

Belly Goddess - Angela Farmer - Feminine Unfolding:

Eve Ensler - Suddenly My Body -

Audios by MP:
Audio for Peak of Cycle - Simple Soak - Squeeze - Soak Restorative Practice

Audio for simple beginning belly work - just to get this 2nd cakra area waking up pre a deeper practice!

Womb-Water Pranayama -25 mins

2nd Cakra meditation - V simple 15 minute med

If I have time, I will put up a short metta meditation for those that missed it at the end of class - We all need more metta! Poems in last practice are in the Poem file above

For those who enjoy a more traditional vinyasa practice, there is an abdominal vinyasa download available in the store.



Deep Feminine 2019

Below are some articles and info that may be of use to you. Please consider sending feedback to me if you have any. This is a dialogue not a monologue and many other women may benefit from the feedback and reflections that you share about this kind of work.

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Your words for the Feminine......

fluidity receptivity cohesion balance in-sync sensual roundness able discernment in-back-down soft powerful kind conscious maternal strong nature cooperative collaborative growth people nurturing intuition communicative flowing divine caring listening shakti wild risk-taking understanding unacknowledged greatness unpaid-labor persistent feminist- tendency-to-out-male-the-male creative trust earth moon gaia emotion feeling vulnerability wrathful holding-it-together generosity wise