March 24 Equinox Workshop


March 24 Equinox Workshop

from 35.00

Whole Day Fee: $85 Local Discount: $75

AM only: $55 (Suitable for a wide range of active practitioner but not beginners or those working with serious back and joint issues)

PM only: $35 (Suitable for all)

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A special workshop to support moving into Spring.

10-1pm A lively practice to cleanse the whole being. Using familiar asanas and dynamic movements, this active asana session will focus on activating the lymph system, promoting digestion and absorption through deep belly work and inviting a sense of letting go of the winter and that which is not needed. Vinyasa, standing poses, backbends, twists, seated and supine poses, inversions. You name it! we will include it. Options will be used for those not inverting.

2-4pm Whether you are fasting or not, this quieter, slower practice will help support the deeper levels of letting go and letting be, and will invite reflection into the concept of balance and ease in life and practice. We will begin with reflections on creating harmony in our lives and it will end with an upekkha (serenity) meditation.