OMGoddess! Bowl of Well Being

"As a professional yoga teacher and continual student, this program crystalized how the practice of yoga includes every aspect of life and culture. It gave great insight into how yoga and ayurveda support a deep state of wellbeing in all stages of a woman's life."
-Djuna Mascall, Orcas Island - Yoga teacher and Teacher trainer

 "Bowl of Well Being" toca el corazón. Me pregunto "¿Qué es saludable?" Este curso de Mary y Cyd es una poderosa y profunda guía e inspiración para explorar esta pregunta, y también para cultivar y honrar la suavidad, el amor, en todos los aspectos de la vida.
"Bowl of Well Being" touches the heart. I asked myself  "What is well-being?"  This course from Mary and Cyd is a powerful and deep guide to health, and an inspiration, to explore this question, and also to cultivate and honor softness, love, in every aspect of life.”

-Eva Blázquez, Spain – Yoga teacher,  Technology Specialist

Bowl of Well-Being, an online program for women to cultivate health, creativity and sanity in a nutty world , through yoga, ayurveda, and sangha, is currently occurring Jan - Dec, 2019. This year long program was created by Mary and Cyd (Mary’s daughter) and has occurred over 4 years, from 2014 through 2016 and currently in 2019. This course includes monthly conference calls, optional online material, audio practices and links to feminine inspirations. Cyd is working in an advisory ayurvedic capacity during this year of the birth of her second child. Cyd will also available for individual ayurvedic consults in the Fall of 2019 (arranged and paid for separately)

Bowl of Well Being Manual: This book compiles, edits and revises all the original articles written by Mary and Cyd. Each month has a chapter with a particular well-being theme for women, yoga practice invitations related to the theme, ayurvedic seasonal advice and recipes, a goddess and artist inspiration and space for doodling and exploring one’s own self care. Theresa Doumitt, a veteran Bowlie, yoga teacher and author, encouraged us to create this book so that participants did not need to be online and could dive into suggestions and inspirations, as and when they wished, creating - we hope - a true Bowl of nourishment in challenging times. This manual includes the main parts of Mary’s and Cyd’s own writings and work. Gia Bedell, another Bowlie and yoga teacher, along with Kirk Fuller - Mary’s media guru - have helped complete Theresa’s original design and work and it is now in use in the 2019 program. In 2019, this manual has only been available to those who either have previously attended the course, are attending Mary’s course in 2019, or are part of some “Baby Bowls” that are emerging across the globe in 2019 and 2020. In June and July 2019, the manual will be available at Amazon and at Nest Yoga in Oakland!!! In August, the manual will be withdrawn from circulation and redrafted with minor updates and corrections for 2020 program.

2020 Course Options: In September we will begin registration for the online course with Mary and Cyd for 2020. There may also be an onsite program with Mary that will use the manual and a more limited amount of online material and will meet for a Sunday afternoon once a month throughout 2020 in the Oakland area. Gia Bedell is currently leading a Baby Bowl in Pleasanton and has plans to continue this program at one or two sites next year also.
There is currently another Baby Bowl occurring in Canada and several Bowlies have expressed interest in forming their own local groups to use the material and to bring in material of their own. We are developing a way to support these groups and encourage the evolution of the Bowl Program in this way in the future. If you wish to be involved as a Baby Bowl leader, it is important that you complete or have completed a full one year program of the Bowl of Well-Being. As many participants have stated it is worth doing the course several times to let the material move into your cells and find your own unique expression and understanding.

Fees and program details will be available in early Fall but if you want to be alerted to when registration is open and information updated, please send an email via the contact page on this website. For Gia’s courses, contact her directly at her website

Mary: “Essentially this program is about active women taking care of themselves; we do not want to encourage more “shoulds” and guilt for not doing enough when we are already fully stretched to our max. However, the feminine is rising and there is much evidence of this. Inspirations abound for those of us moving our practice more fully into taking care of the earth and our communities, families, friends and students…and our dear selves!”


Bowl Course with MP 2019

This course will begin January 1. Our manual will appear mid month but the January material will be sent to participants on or before 1/1/19, and extra course material will be available online and the opportunity to share and discuss with the other participants from the beginning of the year.
Our conference calls are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month at 12.30-2pm PST. They are recorded, however the key to these programs is the commitment to as much participation as possible. Group size 10 minimum-20 maximum
Fee: Pre 1/1: Sliding Scale 500 - 800 for entire program and manual. 800 if deposit paid after 1/8/19.
Previous Bowlies receive a discount - contact Mary directly if you wish to join us for another round! It’s always different - each group unique…. We need sangha and support for self and community care more than ever.
To Register: $100 non refundable deposit payable online. Remainder of fee due by 1/15/19, payable by check. If you need to pay by credit card, email Mary and indicate at which level you wish to pay and an invoice will be sent.

Baby Bowls
2019 and 2020

Several Bowlies will be joining our 2019 group to review the material, enjoy the sangha and also to get ready to sharing this work in 2020 with their own local group of women. In 2019, there are a few Bowlies, yoga teachers and health practitioners, who are going forth with this program, using the new manuals, some of the online material along with regular support from Mary. These teachers will incorporate their own material. Some of the yoga teachers may be offering actual onsite yoga classes/workshops in their locale as part of the year long program - each will present their own unique offering of the Bowl.
- If you would like to know of a possible local Bowl group in 2019, that you could participate in, contact Mary directly.
- If you too are feeling the call to support women in this way in whatever yoga/health related work that you do, please consider doing the full program this year so that you are able to present the Bowl next year in your own way and to your own tribe!