Bowl of Wellbeing
January - December 2016

What would it be like to create a common intention with a diverse group of women, of all ages, to explore self care and women’s health? This online course is hosted at a password-protected site where each section is published monthly. Do join a lively caring discussion to support your well-being on all levels in 2016.

We are currently accepting applications for this online course:
Download Application | Apply Online
Application deadline extended; application is sent in with a $50 non-refundable deposit. If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be returned.

If your application is successful, you may pay the balance of tuition by check or online. Full payment must be made by November 20, 2015 to reserve your space.   Your payment is  non refundable under any circumstance - Please understand that this is the only way we can make these small community oriented programs work. 

Sliding scale tuition fee 600.00-1000.00. Includes all online materials, checkins with Mary and Cyd, conference calls, etc.
Pay Tuition Online or by check. (Do not pay tuition unless you are notified by email that you have been accepted to the program! You may apply your 50.00 application fee to the balance of your tuition. Contact Mary with any questions. Checks sent to PO Box 225, Yorkville CA 95494.

Information presented each month online

Ayurvedic article, self-care focus, recipes, herb of the month by Cyd
Exploration of month's theme in yoga, meditation practice guidelines, and main article by Mary and/or Cyd
The main articles may include additional reading from suggested texts
Anatomy/Physiology: occasional readings/links corresponding to theme
Links to online audio/video including dharma talks and and topics relating to theme
Downloadable audio practice recordings by Mary
Featured artist and goddess information for creative nourishment

In addition to online content, program includes

  • Monthly telephone conference call with the entire group. On the penultimate Sunday of each month, 8 am Pacific (TBC) Introductory Conference Call on Dec 27, 10-11am Pacific Time.
  • One 30-­minute interview prior to the course to set intentions for the year- scheduled on Dec 17/18/19, 2015.
  • Three 25‐minute phone interviews with Cyd or Mary during the course
  • Buddy checkins each month with one other person in the group - this is a highly recommended option discussed at first checkin in Dec 2015
  • Shared homework from the group (each person contributing 30–300 words). Reflection on theme of the month, recipe, poem, art piece
  • Monthly focus on a woman artist/poet and a goddess; monthly focus on a healing herb and Ayurvedic recipe(s) related to the theme of wellness
  • Ability to blog and share articles, poems, and findings that support the feminine unfolding—to inspire us all

Monthly Topics

Jan: Sleep, Dinacharya, Back Body
Feb: Bones, Spirit, Postur
Mar: Pelvic Floor, Birth
April: Womb, Fertility, Sex, Money

May: Stress, Kidneys, Adrenals/Cortisol, Sustaining
June: Liver, Rage, Addiction
July: Breasts, Nourishment, Body Image
Aug: Heart, Vulnerability, Bodhisattva

Sept: Thyroid, Hormones, Creativity
Oct: Digestion, Renunciation, Satisfaction, Intuition
Nov: Skin, Receptivity, Boundaries, Touch
Dec: Breath, Pranayama, Silence, Central Channel, Emptying transitions


Comments from 2014

Being a part of the BOWL program nourished me physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally this year. My personal practice flourished. My understanding of the body and hormones expanded. Mary and Cyd compiled thoughtful, informative, and relevant resources for us Bowlites. I learned a lot of new information about Ayurveda, herbs, and historical and current female role models. We had access to amazing asana recordings that brought it all together. It was empowering. And I learned so much from the other women in the program, who ranged in age, culture, and experience. I would highly recommend this program to my friends, family, and to you!
-Christine Evans Portland, OR. Farmer, yogi and adventurer
I would say that some of the most important and impacting components of the Bowl of Wellbeing program are the monthly conference calls and buddy check-ins. Even during times when I was not able to do as much of the topical reading or practices as I had hoped, the check-ins were incredibly nourishing. Feeling like I was part of a community and having the opportunity to speak openly with women from many different backgrounds without the fear of judgement and without any set expectations was incredibly moving. This communication with community alone would make the program well worth participating in.
-Emily Thompson
‘Bowl of Well Being’ toca el corazón. Me pregunto ‘¿Qué es saludable?’ Este curso de Mary y Cyd es una poderosa y profunda guía e inspiración para explorar esta pregunta, y también para cultivar y honrar la suavidad, el amor, en todos los aspectos de la vida. ‘Bowl of Well Being’ touches the heart. I wonder, ‘What is healthy?’ This course from Mary and Cyd is a powerful and deep guide, and an inspiration, to explore this question, and also to cultivate and honor softness, love, in all sides of life.
-Eva Blazquez, Spain. Yoga teacher, telecommunications specialist
Mary and Cyd weave beautiful offerings each month that inspire you to increase your inner awareness and health as a woman while building a powerful online community. The support, knowledge, and inspiration I gained from the Bowl of Wellbeing has been so inspiring and helpful on my journey on and off the mat!
-Theresa Doumitt, Montana. Yoga teacher, writer, wild-life biologist
As a professional yoga teacher and continual student, this program crystalized how the practice of yoga includes every aspect of life and culture. It gave great insight into how yoga and ayurveda support a deep state of wellbeing in all stages of a woman's life.
-Djuna Mascall, Orcas Island. Yoga teacher and teacher trainer
The Bowl of Wellbeing, is exactly that.  A container for women to self realize and explore their uniqueness and the beauty of the feminine through the mediums of art, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga asana, physiology, and most of all, supportive community. I have come to an appreciation of my femininity, all of its challenges and joys, because of the opportunity to learn from and communicate with a group of diverse, intelligent, creative, courageous and adventurous women.  My journey with this insightful program has awakened a self I had long forgotten about, with a sense of homecoming.  I have cherished the opportunity of being a member of this program and highly  recommend joining to any woman seeking more balance, security, creativity and trust in her life.     Gia - Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher

The Bowl of Wellbeing is a wonderful way to connect with like-minded and diverse women. I learned a great deal from the curriculum; from the other women; as well as diving deeper into myself. I am grateful for the program and happy that I committed to this year long community of sisterhood. Cynthia, age 57, chiropractor, Oakland

This past year has been a transformative journey as to what it is like to live in the feminine body. The yoga bowl is so much more than an online program for home practice. It's a forum to be able to connect to other women in a profound way. I appreciated the tie to art and enjoyed using my creativity in the monthly homework. Even when I have very little time in my life, looking at a new page each month is like opening a beautiful package of self-care from Mary and Cyd.Gina - Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Washington

This has been my 2nd year following The Bowl. On repeating the program, an intuitive learning pattern appears and this has been so very beneficial....The contacts have been extremely interesting too. I have listened to women whose paths I would otherwise never come across. The geographical difference had no bearing either being from the UK. A truly wonderful, sensitive and clever program. Thank to Mother and daughter, and soon to be grandmother and mother!    Emma, Photographer and Mum of 4 - UK