Lyri-caBrining Yoga to the Latino World

Our history
Since 1998, CUYE (Cuba-US Yoga Exchange) has been involved in supporting and creating an educational exchange in Cuba. Under educational licenses obtained in collaboration with organizations such as Global Exchange, CUYE presented seminars and teacher training in Cuba on an annual basis. Prior to the recent imposition of more stringent legal restrictions, CUYE worked with Yoga Journal and yoga studios around the country to bring Cuban teachers to the United States.

Latino Yoga Research Institute–California and the Americas (Lyri-ca) was formed in 2006 to undertake research projects both in the United States and abroad. Our work continues in Cuba as this country is fertile ground for the evolution of yoga, supported as it is by a unique preventative health care system. It has also broadened into networking with other countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada and Spain and our local Latino population in Mendocino County and California. This bridge of human contact is a lifeline to Cuban yoga community and our current project, ¡Yoga Va!, a pilot teacher training project, and its benefits in both countries is immeasurable and timely.

In 2009, with the assistance of the Dana Foundation, we began a local ¡Yoga Va! California project focusing on the Latino population of Mendocino County. A class called Mama y Yo!, designed for mothers and their toddlers, is currently taught every week at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah, California. This project is supported also by First Five Mendocino, which helps provide childcare for the class and promotional and networking assistance.

Advisory Board
Christina Feldman is an internationally noted author and teacher of Vipassana meditation. Christina has taught Insight meditation in Cuba and is a health consultant for the British National Health Service. She resides in Devon, England.

Edgar Ortiz is a yoga teacher, physical therapist and Professor of Anatomy in San Jose, Costa Rica. Edgar is a teacher trainer in Costa Rica and Cuba.

Steve Bailey is Executive Director/CEO of Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware, USA/ President/Founder Eastern Performing Arts Center Coalition. Steve has been involved in music and cultural exchanges in Cuba.

Edgardo Morales is a professor of psychology in Puerto Rico. A student of meditation and yoga for over 30 years, Edgardo translates and promotes health and well being in the Latino community.

Mary Paffard
Patty Hirota-Cohen

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